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Jessie relaxing at home

I love my dogs and my horses unconditionally as they love me. We communicate with each other in various ways including using our "sixth sense". I intuitively "know" how they are feeling and when they are not well. I "know" when a health problem is routine or an emergency.

My major lesson in my life has been to trust and value my intuition, my knowledge and myself.

My mistakes, particularly my greatest mistakes, have occurred when I have not valued my "inner knowing" and instead have trusted another human being instead of myself.

I have paid the price dearly for this. My beloved animal family members have paid even more. They have lost their lives and one family member, my English Setter "Hobson" is now maimed for the remainder of his life.

When Jessie died on 1 May 2005 it literally tore me apart at every level of my being. I felt it was not Jessie's "time". I suffered indescribable guilt because I felt I had let Jessie down. I blamed myself for trusting a veterinary specialist and going against what I believed was the right treatment for Jessie.

I suffered a great loss because I did not trust my intuition. I lost my most dearest, my most beloved friend, my ‘Miss Princess’, my Jessie. We had been together for almost 15 years. It broke my heart that Jessie died without seeing Beau again.

Jessie with her mumThe following months after Jessie's death were one of the most difficult times I have experienced in my life. What helped me recover was my love for Jessie and her love for me, my love for Beau and my love for all of my family members. Hobson was only 2 years old. He needed me. Bonnie was dying. She needed me. Khomet was worrying about Bonnie. He needed me. Beau was stolen. He needed me. I needed all of them even more. This may sound "corny" but Unconditional Love does really get you through.

A 'Beau supporter' phoned me out of the blue. Her name is Rosemary. Rosemary said she was reading about a pet psychic and because Beau had been missing so long, she thought this might be a way of finding him. Rosemary is one of the wonderful people on the Gold Coast helping me find Beau.

At the time Rosemary phoned me, I had a very strong feeling that Jessie was trying to speak to me. I thought I was going insane with my grief.

No matter how hard I tried to rationalise my thoughts, I kept feeling very strongly that Jessie was trying to communicate with me.

The next week it was Jessie's birthday.

I decided to book a reading with this pet psychic. Because she is also a psychic medium for animals and humans, I asked her to speak to Jessie and not to Beau.

Would you believe it .. the psychic reading occurred on Jessie's birthday .. on 9 September 2005 .. and the psychic reading confirmed that Jessie had been trying to communicate with me!!!

Jessie said she was not ready to die and she was angry with the humans who had caused her death. She was very worried about me because my health had suffered so much. Jessie said it was not my fault. She wanted to ease my suffering by telling me she did not die alone ... my mother came for her when she passed over into Heaven.

My other deceased pets came through the reading as well .. Benmore, who was the most vocal and would not be quiet, Bandit, Misty Blue and Sparkie.

Jessie, Benmore and BanditThis photo shows Benmore in the middle, with Jessie and Bandit either side. Even though Jessie and Bandit towered over Benmore, he ruled us all with an "iron paw".

The other reason Jessie needed to speak to me was to tell me what had happened to Beau on that terrible day on 1 July 2003, and most importantly, to tell me that ....


I received another psychic message from Jessie in March 2007. I happened to come across a psychic medium who lives in Western Australia who also communicates with animals. It was her strong belief that: "Beau is very much alive."

She said "It is quite amazing to see how you and Beau are still connected. Because of the existing energy between you and Beau something will have to keep happening."

Jessie predicted more publicity. The publicity commenced soon after on 22 March 2007 and continued throughout 2007 resulting in major media attention throughout Australia for Beau (refer the Media Stories web page).

Jessie said "It isn't finished yet."

Again, at the start of 2008 I happened to come across a psychic medium who lives in America who also communicates with animals. The psychic reading happened to occur on Beau's birthday. This pet psychic medium also believed very strongly that: "Beau is still alive."

She said: "There is one thing that is certain .. Beau has not stopped missing you or loving you for one single day and nothing will ever change this".

khomet, arabian horse, unconditional love, death, grief, finding beauWhen my beautiful Arabian horse, Khomet died suddenly, without warning, on 13 April 2008, my spiritual faith was again rocked more than at any other time in my life. I did not think I could suffer any worse or any more than what I had already suffered, but I did and I have since this terrible day.

I again questioned myself and every part of my life. I again questioned my intuition about Beau.

In July 2008 I asked the pet psychic medium in Western Australia for another reading about Beau. She had not communicated with Beau for 16 months. She said: " When I tune into Beau, I feel he is very much alive".

Even though I thought this was unlikely I also checked with the pet psychic medium in America to see if anything had changed with Beau since February 2008. She said: "I do not feel Beau has passed away".

Then in October 2008 a 'Beau supporter' on the Gold Coast happened to email me about another psychic medium who also communicates with animals who lives in Victoria. Her name is Donna. I decided to contact Donna to see whether or not she believed that Beau was still alive. Donna also believed strongly that "Beau is still alive".

Contrary to these pet psychic mediums, without my asking for this information, another pet psychic medium told me on 13 May 2008 that: "Beau has passed over. A quick passing around him. Beau is not talking to me about what happened. I feel it was quick."

Don't you think it is strange that Beau would want me to know he had died but he would not want to tell me why or how; and Beau would want to inflict this pain onto me straight after Khomet's untimely death???

Who is right .. 3 pet psychic mediums say Beau is alive, 1 pet psychic medium says Beau is dead???

The truth is that no psychic medium can know with 100% accuracy whether any missing being (animal or human) is dead or alive. Please beware of psychics who tell you their readings are 100% accurate.


Baby Jessie 8 weeks oldI have always felt a great love and deep connection with animals and nature since I was a child. My spirituality comes through animals and nature.

These are some words from the book 'On Grief and Grieving' written by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross about the "Afterlife". Elisabeth Kubler-Ross spent 50 years of her life helping dying patients and their grieving families. Elisabeth was not a psychic. She was a psychiatrist.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross says: "Whatever the truth about life after death, we are certain that death does not exist as we imagine it.

If you feel your loved one's presence, do not doubt it. They still exist.

Birth is not a beginning and death is not an ending. They are merely points on a continuum. Death does not exist in its usually traditional form as an ending to all. That understanding may leave little comfort in the immediate moment, but in the long run, it helps to know that somewhere, somehow, our loved one still exists and we will see them again."

I have a high regard for Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and quote some words from another book she wrote, 'A Memoir of Living and Dying. The Wheel of Life' :

"The only thing I know that truly heals people is unconditional love. Everything is bearable when there is love. The only thing that lives forever is love".

There is nothing 'written' which dictates who you should love and how much you should love. No human being has a right to dictate to another human being how to feel and how to love.

My animals are my children. I love them unconditionally and I love them more than I love myself.

I encourage you to ignore human beings who degrade you because you love an animal or because you grieve the loss of an animal.

I encourage you to ignore human beings who tell you that you love animals too much.

I encourage you not to allow another human being ever to take away your free will, including a human being who works in the psychic field.

I encourage you to listen to and trust your intuition and value your communications with your companion animals and the wildlife.


Jessie on her birthdayI believe most people when they are faced with a seemingly hopeless, desperate situation will pray for Divine intervention even if they have never prayed before.

I prayed for Beau from the moment I found him gone because I knew something terribly wrong had happened this terrible day on 1 July 2003. I later decided to set aside a special place in my home to honour my prayers for Beau and for my family who are in Heaven.

In December 2003 I purchased the book 'A Harmony of Angels' written by Angela McGerr in the United Kingdom because I wanted to learn more about Angels and their roles.

After Jessie died I emailed Angela McGerr for a 'sign'.

Angela McGerr was working on a project at the time which also involved a new concept for her .. mystical Animals .. Animal devas who aid mankind, and who are between angels and man on the vibrational level. This project involved the creation of 48 Heart and Soul cards featuring 24 Angels, 12 mystical Animals and 12 sacred hallow light tools.

Angela was so touched by my words expressing my love for Jessie, she was inspired that one of the mystical Animal devas should represent The Golden Shadow Hound of Heaven. Since a child Angela has loved a very spiritually inspiring book entitled "The Hound of Heaven" which was written by Frances Thompson.

Angela asked my permission for Jessie to represent the Golden Shadow Hound of Heaven as a tribute to her. Angela believed every time a set of Heart and Soul cards was purchased, the reader would be inspired by Jessie's loving and gentle energy.

My words about my love for Jessie, "the light of my life", inspired Angela to write the following piece, to bring the mystical Animal deva of The Golden Shadow Hound of Heaven to life, so to speak ......

Golden Hound of Heaven spiritual animal deva

The Golden Shadow Hound of Heaven

"Rose gold Shadow Hound of Heaven brings unconditional love, loyalty and fidelity of heart and soul, supporting you until you find your true heart's desire ... the one that leads into fulfilling your soul purpose. For she is the heavenly shadow of your heart and soul synergy.

Through your times of doubt and uncertainty Shadow Hound follows you to comfort and encourage you. She is unquestioning and faithful, bringing a loving golden heart to beat as one with yours, blending tears of sadness or happiness with you, sharing your triumphs or defeats. You need never be alone, for if you wish her company her loyal mission is to follow you down the years, until you achieve your true heart's desire. She is your heavenly enabler, demonstrating the power of absolute trust, acceptance and surrender.

Consider what she reflects back to you ... this is your guide to what you must either embrace or release in yourself to find and follow the Way of Love and Light.

Even beyond this lifetime Shadow Hound can accompany you down the labyrinthine paths of Eternity. As the clouds dissolve and the veils lift from your spirit, she stands beside the angel trumpeters and rejoices as you become an illumined being of Light whose consciousness merges with All."

The artwork for The Golden Shadow Hound of Heaven was based on the photo shown above of Jessie wearing a pink ribbon on her Birthday. This artwork was created by Richard Rockwood and is under Copyright and hence unauthorised use is prohibited. If you wish to know more about the Heart and Soul cards and the artworks of Richard Rockwood, please visit Angela McGerr's website The Way of Love and Light.



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